Ten CEOs who will commit to racial equity in Tech: an open letter to the rank & file in Tech

I recently wrote an open letter to Tech CEOs and other Senior Leaders who have been hashtagging #BlackLivesMatter, posting about injustice and virtue signalling.

This post isn’t for them.

This post is for the professionals working in technical roles and for Tech companies (also, to be clear, every company is a Tech company).

Here’s something to bring up to your CEO, CTO or any other leader who has told you that they intend to make a change.

Code2College (https://code2college.org) has been preparing and placing black, brown, female and low-income high school students into paid, summer internships in software engineering, software development, IT and other technical roles for the past four years.

76% of our students are black or Hispanic, 53% are female, 51% are economically disadvantaged and 36% will be the first in their families to pursue a college degree.

This month, we launched Vision 2024 , an initiative to place 200 black and Hispanic women into STEM roles by 2024. Today is Thursday, June 18th and we have secured enough funding to support 62 black and Hispanic women.

We have less than six weeks to raise $1M to support the remaining 138 black and Hispanic women whom we plan to develop, mentor and equip to become an elite force of technical leaders.

If ten companies committed $100,000 each to Vision 2024, we could close out this $1.5M raise to support this effort to forever change the Tech ecosystem.

That’s ten companies who could maybe forego their holiday party, the company retreat, office snacks or any of the other line items that are meant to build “culture.”

Instead, why not invest in the future of the company, local community and Tech landscape by funding Vision 2024?

Individuals and families continue to support, but we’re still looking for the corporate support that will align with the very public messaging we’ve all been seeing.

I’m talking to the rank & file because you’ll work alongside these women if your company takes on this mantle. The mantle of investing in the next generation of diverse technical leaders like the ladies above.

Or would you rather go to a holiday party this year?

Black. Educator. Father. Executive Director & Co-Founder of Code2College.